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At 18.57 hours on Sunday, 26 May 1940, the Admiralty issued the directive which instigated the start of Operation Dynamo. This was the order to rescue the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from the French port of Dunkirk and the beaches surrounding it.

The story of the evacuation of the BEF and other Allied troops has been told many times in both print and film, and has become one of the defining moments in the history of the British nation. Yet there are artefacts from that operation which can still be seen today, and many places to visit, which bring that fateful history back to life. Through 100 objects, from the wreck of a ship through to a dug-up rifle, and individual photographs to large memorials, all of which represent a moving snapshot of the past, this book sets out to tell the story of what came to be known as ‘The Miracle of Dunkirk’.

Local author Martin Mace has been involved in writing and publishing military history for more than twenty-five years. He began his career with local history, writing a book on the Second World War anti-invasion defences and stop lines in West Sussex. Martin now devotes his time to writing  and editing books.

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