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Tales of Sussex Spaniels

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Any dog owner can associate with the wonderful stories dating from 1790 onwards in Ki Barnes’s ‘Tales of Sussex’. However, it takes a Sussex Spaniel owner to truly empathise with the reality of these old tales that feature the much-loved breed. Within the book, readers will discover what connects Sussex spaniels to Juggumpett, India, The White House in America and Goodwood in Sussex, as well as heroism, theft and poisoning.

Through beautifully crafted tall tales – ‘tails’ that all belong to Sussex Spaniels, readers can explore true incidents, some unearthed through research into the history of the breed, which are too good to be lost in the midst of time. Added to these old tales are scary and strange incidents of Sussex snacking habits provided by spaniel owners who love the breed’s humorous quirks.

Also included, are stunning photographs taken by Bill Cadwell and Greg Smith, alongside old images from historic books and papers. Sussex Spaniel owners have described the book as “delightful”, “a treat” and a “great book”. Ki embarked upon tracing the origins of the Sussex Spaniel in 2018 and through her research she discovered treasured tales of the breed that she has since collated into her book to share with all dog lovers.

Those curious about the Sussex Spaniel can enjoy the historic, funny, and at times, sad tales written within Ki’s compilation of stories.



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