Win a copy of ‘Surviving Her’ by Jo Johnson

A dual-narrative, domestic suspense

The dual-narrative, psychological novel combines engaging, complex characters with a fast-moving plot. The advanced reviews on goodreads are excellent.

Nicky is the child with the hurting eyes and desperate ways. You want to rescue him. Claus is the man with the empty eyes and controlling ways. You need to rescue her.

Broken by the death of her sister, Keziah can’t believe her luck when Claus, a beautiful psychologist saves her from a disciplinary disaster. Desperate to heal herself and restore her parents, she marries in haste. Her husband’s idiosyncrasies and unexplained absences are easy to ignore ‒ until the past resurfaces and forces Keziah to confront the uncomfortable truth.

When Keziah ends up in hospital, her world collides with Nicky’s, a vulnerable child caring for his wayward mother. The secrets he shares have far-reaching consequences and, if mishandled, will ruin everything for everyone.

Surviving Her will be available in ebook and paperback from 1st November 2022. Jo Johnson is a local clinical psychologist. Her novels are informed by years of clinical practise.

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