Win a copy of Ready to Serve by Simon Gray

Readers across Sussex have been devouring Simon Gray’s sixth novel “Isolation”, which he is releasing one chapter at a time for free on his website. The hero from “Isolation” is introduced in the gripping novel, Ready To Serve, Gray’s novel about brotherly love.


“I started writing Isolation, the Ready to Serve sequel, years ago,” says Simon about the second outing for his initially reluctant hero, Mike Huntley; now forced to protect this family from a global pandemic. “It’s uncanny how close my fiction feel to real life at the moment.”


The rundel-based author writes all his moves as stand-alone reads. “Although, you need to revisit backstories so new readers can visualise characters and their lives,” he explains. “But, it’s exciting to watch the characters develop.”


What’s next for Simon and his heroes? “I’ve already outlined the third book in this series,” says Simon. “And, it gets worse for Mike and his family… that is of course if they survive Isolation…”


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