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The Fourteenth Army in Burma

Fighting with the Fourteenth Army in Burma Original War Summaries of the Battle Against Japan 1943–1945

The Fourteenth Army was one of the most successful British and Commonwealth forces of the Second World War. It was not only the largest of the Commonwealth armies but was also the largest single army in the world with around half a million men under its command.

Operating in the most inhospitable terrain, it drove the previously undefeated Japanese Army from the Indian border and out of Burma in an unrelenting offensive. The Fourteenth Army, often referred to as the Forgotten Army, was made up from units that came from all corners of the Commonwealth and was
composed of thirteen divisions.

After the defeat of the Japanese these divisions compiled a summary of its actions and it is these
unique documents that form the basis of this new book.

About the Author
James Luto’s grandfather served with the Fourteenth Army. This book is the product of that lifelong search of every division of the Fourteenth Army. James, who lives in Partridge Green, West
Sussex, is also an avid collector of artefacts and memorabilia relating to the Fourteenth Army.
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