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Driveway Detailing Warrior a Money-Saving Guide to Car Detailing

Whilst we all dream of driving around in an immaculately clean car, sometimes life just gets in the way, or the costs to get the professionals in are too prohibitive. Written to enable us all to reconnect with the pleasure and pride that comes from a car that looks like it’s just driven off the sales forecourt, Driveway Detailing Warrior finds the author generously sharing his top ten money saving, technically accurate and inspirational detailing projects, along with sage advice and entertaining anecdotes that will put a smile on the face of every petrolhead.

Informative, entertaining and with its contents even more pertinent as we lurch further into this cost-of-living crisis.

About the author

Known for his home detailing blog S.L. Lucas is a blogging champion in the home detailing community. A published writer for the local press as well as a Porsche monthly magazine, he has bought, sold, detailed, cherished and spiritedly driven different Porsche models since 2002. He lives in Brighton with his wife and continues to detail and enjoy his current cherished Porsche Cayman 987.2 around the B roads of Sussex.

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