Win a copy of Clang and the Party or Clang and the School Play

Two hilarious adventure books by local author Lorna Gray

Clang is a very clever tufty-pawed dog. He has the misfortune to live with three daft ladies! They lost their fortune playing Bingo and now live in dilapidated Sausage Cottage in the village of Much Moaning.

The first book, Clang and the Party, joins Clang and his dog pals Soot, Bodger and Twinkle, as they plan a ‘dogs-only’ party at the cottage. They need to get the ladies to go out! As always, when Clang has a plan it doesn’t run smoothly.

In book two, Clang and the School Play, the snow is falling. Big Brain school is in the grip of chicken-pox. With so many children away ill, smiley Miss Clever-Clogs the teacher suggests that Clang and his pals help with the play!

Two great illustrated books to entertain children 6-10 years and beyond!. Author Lorna Gray is a long-term Sussex resident currently living in Chichester.

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