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An Urgent Murder

Crime book by Arundel author Alex Winchester

Write what you know. That’s the advice often handed to writers, and it’s certainly followed by retired Metropolitan Police officer, Alex Winchester in his exhilarating crime mystery, An Urgent Murder. The protagonists – an ambitious rookie cop and an experienced  detective with a laissez faire attitude – make an unlikely duo that  are inexplicably teamed up to solve a chilling murder that everyone else thinks has already been put to bed.

The inspiration came from something small. “It started from a comment made by my Father about a train having been bombed near Tangmere during the war,” explains Alex, who hails from, Arundel. “Then as I travelled back and forth through Barnham on my trips to Chichester, I noticed the seclusion of properties. Gradually a plot came to mind.”

A man in his 90s, severely disabled and relying on private nursing care is poisoned, the nurse’s fingerprints  found on the jar. The house is secluded, not overlooked. The perfect place to commit murder and shift the blame onto someone else. Elsewhere, a nefarious crime lord is informed by a highly placed mole that their lucrative way of life is about to come to an end. Plans are put into place which will intrinsically link the two events together. Alex says: “I drew on my thirty years of experience
to write the book, using
my personal knowledge of investigations and how different people respond to situations that they find themselves in. It was certainly different to look through things from a criminal’s eyes”

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