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Themed board games to help children’s reading

“The Sight-Word Fairy has come Mummy” were the squeals of excitement founder of Spike’s Sight Words, Sophie Bradley, would hear most mornings from her 3 year old daughter as she immediately began to learn a list of English words this so called ‘fairy’ had left her under her pillow!

Sadly, the same ‘fairy’ had zero effect on her son at the same age. He simply didn’t care nor get excited at this group of words that would miraculously appear under his pillow. After trying this for nearly a year, Sophie thought to herself, what else could she do to try and engage her son more and help him on his reading journey?

Well, like most young boys, her son has an enormous interest in cars – it was in fact his first word as a baby! Sophie knew if she could incorporate cars into some sort of learning game, then he would be happy and engaged. And so Sophie did – at first she designed boards by herself and printed them out. They would use real toy cars to go up and down the track. Each time he would stop at a word and she would teach it to him. Within playing only a few times, her son had actually memorised some of these sight/high-frequency words! Sophie was shocked – she had finally found something that he was happy to play and actually learn from!

And so it was Sophie’s children who inspired her to set up the company ‘Spike’s Sight Words, with an octopus as the logo due to their high intelligence. They have over 30 board game designs and 10 themes to choose from. These include Vehicles, Vehicles 2, Animals, Culture, Sport, Sport 2, Space, Nature, So So Cute and Action. Sophie knew the whole concept of the idea was to find a theme that the child liked and had a passion for. Whether your child enjoys firefighters, tractors, pink castles, dinosaurs or sports – we wanted to try and cover as many themes as we could.

These board games are specifically designed for children to learn and memorise sight and high-frequency words [they will still need to learn how to phonetically decode a word in order to be able to read]. All packs come with words from the beginner, intermediate and advanced word groups meaning you can start at the very beginning with the most simple of words or you can jump straight to the advanced pack, perhaps if your child is slightly older or advanced.

So with Christmas only a few weeks away, we have decided to give away the chance to win one of the themed packs! What better than an educational, fun board game to give your special one this year!

To enter the competition read the above text and enter using the form below. The closing date is the 30th November 2022.


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