Win 5 salt therapy sessions and a salt lamp from Salt Space

Completely natural, organic and drug-free, everyone can benefit from the healing properties of salt. Salt therapy provides relief for a variety of respiratory and skin conditions, from COPD, asthma and eczema to bronchiectasis and sinusitis. It boosts the immune system and can increase lung capacity. And it works for both adults and children from the age of six months.
“My breathing has improved enormously. I can walk faster and going up steps is much easier. I’m not wheezing at night any more and I rarely use my inhalers during the day,” says Sue who
has COPD and is a regular at Salt Space in Brighton and Hove.
The great thing about salt therapy is that customers simply need to sit in the treatment rooms and relax. Some take the opportunity to have a nap. The bright and cheerful children’s space has toys, books and television so children can be entertained as they breathe in the health-boosting salt air.
“The initial sessions relieved my daughter’s cough and bronchial symptoms enormously, particularly after the third session’” says one mum.
Hundreds of adults and children have enjoyed the health benefits of Salt Space since it opened five years ago. More and more people are realising that help is at hand for their respiratory problems. Visit Salt Space and breathe easy.
For more information, please call 01273 973843 or Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5SD.
*Please note that photos were taken before Covid-19 measures were in place.
If you would like to win 5 Salt Therapy Sessions – they can be used be one adult or one child (child to be accompanied by an adult free of charge) and a Salt Lamp, read the text above and enter using the form below. Entries close on 30th November 2020. Good Luck!


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