Will you gain favour from Queen Georgiana of Loxwood at this year’s Loxwood Joust?

Queen Georgina of Loxwood is once again returning to the Loxwood Meadow on the 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th August to meet and give favour to her most loyal subjects, as she presides over this year’s Loxwood Joust.

Attending with her full entourage, Queen Georgiana will have with her, her four hand maidens, her young herald to announce her presence as she progresses through Loxwood’s vast encampment, a Lady of the Queen’s Bedchamber and most importantly a Lady of the Queen’s wardrobe.

As she majestically makes her way around the Loxwood Meadow, every child who is presented to the Queen will receive a Queen’s Favour, in the form of a ring or some other royal token. And, not to be forgotten, her most favourite knight in the Jousting arena will also have the Queen’s favour bestowed upon him as she oversees the day’s full combat Jousting Tournaments.

For those partaking in the sumptuous four course mediaeval banquets, Queen Georgiana will be your host, presiding over guests and entertainers as only a Queen may do, in the magnificent banqueting marquee.

And to show just how delighted she is to see so many of her loyal subjects, each day Queen Georgiana of Loxwood is holding the Royal Costume Contest for all children dressed in medieval garb. Every child that enters will receive a royal token from the Queen in the form of a royal rosette and the winning boy and girl will each receive a magnificent trophy in addition to a winning rosette and medal.

On the last Sunday of The Loxwood Joust, Queen Georgiana of Loxwood will also be holding a Royal Costume Contest for adults with the both the lady and gentleman winners being presented with a huge trophy plus £25 prize money each.

Lastly to complete all things royal at this year’s festival, the Queen’s ladies will be providing daily instruction on ‘The Dressing of a Medieval Queen’, where visitors will see exactly how a Queen would have been dressed in mediaeval times. However, in the 15th Century it would have taken up to two hours to complete, but the time taken in the Loxwood Meadows will be considerably reduced, as royal decree states that a Queen should not be seen bathing in public!

Experience the verve and vigour of a world where lives were harsh and hearts were passionate at this year’s Loxwood Joust as we step back in time on the 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th August between 10am and 6pm daily. It is excellently located just off the B2133 between Wisborough Green and Loxwood with ample Free Parking. Advance tickets are available at www.loxwoodjoust.co.uk


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