West Chiltington Parish Council June News

West Chiltington, West Sussex

Annual Parish Electors’ Meeting

There was a very good turnout of residents who came along to the Annual Electors’ Meeting in April. There was a great deal of interest in the events and achievements of the Parish Council over the past year, and general discussion on the future and direction of the Parish. The number of people we see at these open house occasions increases each time and we are delighted that there is so much interest.

Parish Council Elections

Once nominations were submitted prior to the local election, it was discovered that the number of nominees equalled the number of places on the Council. Therefore, the election was uncontested and no voting was required for the Parish Council. The Parish Council resumes on Tuesday 15th May so for full details of the comings and goings with names and posts please go to the website www.wcpc.org.uk

Tree Balance

We have lost a few trees in the Parish in the recent past due to ill health. The Parish Council is developing a plan to replant on a like for like basis, and the work needed to undertake this project will be done once we have taken professional advice.  Meanwhile, please think very carefully before deciding to fell a tree for any reason other than disease. We recommend asking a reputable tree surgeon for advice before attempting to reduce or cut back a large tree on your property, whether or not it has a Tree Protection Order (TPO) on it.

Walker Safety

Please remember that on sunny days walkers can’t always be seen by car drivers when suddenly plunged into shade. Whatever the time of day, if you are walking along lanes without pavements it is recommended that you wear a hi-vis jacket or light colours.

Tel: 01798 817434 wcpc.org.uk clerk@wcpc.org.uk The Parish Office, Church Street, West Chiltington, RH20 2JW. Normally open Tue-Thu 10am–2pm.


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