Wedding Photography Tips for the Bride & Groom


Have a feel for the types of photos you like and would want. Research styles, as there are so many available, like – traditional, photojournalistic, illustrative, portrait, natural (lighting), fine art, documentary, reportage, fashion, black and white, vintage style and aerial,


Weddings are a dynamic, fast, live event, so you need an experienced wedding photographer knows the flow of the day, and where to be at the right time to get those stunning shots. I am qualified with a Diploma in Wedding Photography and part of the training was also in learning to pose and work people, as well as knowing and understanding the technical aspects of the kit and equipment.


If they have the experience then they should certainly have a lot of testimonials.


You may have found a photographer with the perfect style you are looking for, and they have some great shots on their website, but only about 5 photos. You need to view more than just the ‘best’ shots so you know the photographer is consistent in their work.


Have they shot at your venue before? This certainly isn’t necessary. I cover all of West and East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey and there are hundreds and hundreds of venues in this area! BUT, I will always visit your venue, meet your planner or wedding manager at the venue about one month before your wedding. So when we have the final meet up and go through the details of your day and the photography, I am 100% completely prepared and ready. So don’t worry!


Your photographer should always have a plan B. They should consider the weather (rain) for your photos and also illness.


How does your photographer respond to questions, how do they come across? Do you feel at ease with them? Do they answer all your questions with confidence? Make sure you feel happy working with them, feel at ease, make sure you feel you can trust them to capture the biggest day of your life. Make sure you ‘like’ them!


Everyone has a budget, but never cut back on your photographer. You may have a friend or relative that can take a great photograph, but can they be consistent all day? Do they know the routine and where to be when? What happens when it rains, or if it’s really dark, can they cope ? Can they handle a whole group of people to get the formals? Maybe, maybe not, are you going to take the risk with your wedding photographs? (They also need to not get tipsy too!)

Go with your Heart

Finally, go with your heart, if you love their work and if everything feels right, then go for it! Your Perfect Wedding Photographer? TICK! And done.

(c) Emma Adams

So, what about Tips and Advice for the Photographer ?

Well, I always follow my own advice to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible, so I am relaxed and ready to really enjoy the day and have some fun.

Before the Wedding Day-

* Have a legally binding contract between the parties
* Visit the venues
* Obtain the schedule for the day
* Discuss the ‘shot list’, or do you need one for this wedding ?
* Preparation is key, ensure you have spare kit, batteries, memory cards etc
* Know your guest numbers, bridesmaids and groomsmen
* Have insurance
* Clothing, be comfortable, smart and professional

At the Wedding-

* Use your nominated person from the bridal party to call upon guests for the photos
* Use your venue
* Slow down, think, compose
* Smile! Remind people to smile, especially the bridal party and groomsmen if they are nervous
* Capture small details
* Know the timings, what happens when and where
* Stick to the rules of the Registrar and venue
* Keep calm, remember to take a break, eat and drink to keep up your energy
* Think about composition
* Bride portraits
* Displays of affection, look for them, capture them
* Be distance and close, vary the images
* Use the crowd, use the people to capture natural shots
* Think about your backgrounds, as well as your aperture
* Keep a close eye on your timings
* Make sure you capture everyone!

And finally…

* Have fun, smile, enjoy your work, be happy and people will be happy back

Emma Adams Wedding Photography

I, personally, am traditional and classic in my wedding photography, so you would have a mixture of posed and natural candid photos. I do really love the creative artistic ones with the couples, but I also ensure you have the timeless classic ones as well.

By Emma Adams, Wedding Photographer. For more details, please visit
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