Wealden MP and locals fundraise for deaf blind children’s charity

Wealden MP for Sense International

Wealden MP for deaf-blindness charity

Nusrat Ghani, MP for Wealden, met with Crowborough resident and Sense International representative to discuss the charity’s work and future projects.

Nusrat Ghani said: “I’m pleased to learn more about the fantastic work Sense International are doing to support children, young people and families around the world who have limited life experiences or support due to their disabilities. I’d like to thank all the fantastic volunteers who work at our local Sense charity shops in Uckfield and Hailsham. The pandemic has shown the importance of access to lifesaving vaccinations, and I was pleased to learn about the charity’s recent success in helping to persuade the Government of Uganda to roll out the rubella vaccination in Uganda to reduce deaf-blindness in newborns.”

Sense International

The core focus of Sense International is to ensure that people with deaf-blindness are able to access education, healthcare and the means to earn a living. The charity works to identify children with deaf-blindness as early as possible in life so that, with the right support, they can thrive, become independent, establish a livelihood, and meet their full potential.

Sight and hearing screening

Sense International has charity shops across the UK through which Wealden residents can support their work. It operates in many countries across South America, Asia, Europe and Africa, and ensures that 84,000 children around the world are screened for sight and hearing impairments every year. Through their work with the Government of Uganda to initiate a rubella vaccination campaign, 18 million children have received a rubella vaccination to date, which reduces deaf-blindness in newborns.


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