Walberton Parish Council November News

Walberton Green, West Sussex

Edited extracts of draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 11th September 2018.

Public Questions

A parishioner asked about Public Rights of Way and if it is possible to get a holistic approach between ADC and WSCC, he offered his assistance in this.

Councillor resignation

The resignation of Vice Chairman Cllr Camerer Cuss was noted. Cllr Ratcliffe was proposed by Cllr Mrs Lewis and seconded by Cllr Moores. Cllr Ratcliffe accepted the appointment.

West Sussex  County Council reports

A request was made to Cllr Whittington for a safety mirror for the cycle path. It was suggested that WPC ask Ben Whiffin from WSCC. WPC gave an update on comments to WSCC with regards to the request by a resident for a bridleway.


A meeting with Linden Homes is planned and a letter to Southern Water will be sent concerning the foul drainage issue.

A27 Arundel By-pass

Two invitations from Highways England (HE) to attend two meetings in October.

WPC have received answers from Highways England to their questions concerning the consultation but that as the response was still being worked on. The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group had recommended that WPC engage in parallel talks with HE; one to continue objection to Option 5a and another to discuss the design of the western junction. One member had reservations to this pro-active response and it was decided that if and when HE come up with design details we will comment but we won’t take a pro-active approach. WPC will write to HE accepting invites to the meetings, without prejudice, and report that we are working on our response to the questions. A sub-committee will be created to deal with A27 matters. A letter is to be written to the Secretary of State about the Adequacy of the Consultation.

  1. Consideration was given to a recommendation from the Planning Committee on the method to provide financial support to the A27 Arundel Bypass Judicial Review Project. Resolved: The Council supports an ‘A27 Bypass Project’ by contributing to paying legal fees on receipt of an invoice from solicitors or other recognised legal team addressed to WPC. An initial sum of £5000 and a further £5000 as and when required.



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