Walberton Parish Council

Walberton Green, West Sussex

Edited extracts of draft minutes of the Parish Council Planning Committee meeting held on 6th November 2018.


A letter was received about the Lane Ends application (WA/26/18/OUT) asking for              consideration to further objection on drainage, environmental grounds, no wildlife survey and that trees had been felled illegally. It was agreed that the Clerk would lodge a further objection as below:

  • It is a site known to have significant wildlife, yet no survey has been carried out.
  • There are significant surface and foul water drainage issues on this site that have not been properly considered.
  • Trees have been felled illegally during the nesting season and there has been no Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Tree Constraints Plan.
  • The Parish Council strongly objects to three storey houses. They are not appropriate for the area.

Highways and Traffic

  1. 20 mph speed limit. Correspondence had been received from WSCC Highways Ben Whiffin regarding nline TRO (Traffic Restriction Order) application form. Cllr Whittington will support an application. However, the previous survey in 2006 saw that at the Baptist Church speeds were too high and further to the east nearer the Holly Tree speeds were too low to justify a 20mph limit. They doubt that the data will have changed significantly but the survey may be different. It was agreed that the Clerk will submita TRO application. Ways of recording public support will be looked at.
  2. Yapton Level Crossing. No update.

Neighbourhood Plan & Review

Everything is moving forward for the Neighbourhood Plan Review and a call for sites will be in the Neighbourhood News out next month. Funds are sufficient to start the review and there will be an open day on the 26 January 2019. Lots to do in the next few months.

Tuppers Field (Wates – Linden Homes)

There were issues with Foul drainage and Wates was working with Southern Water on them. There will only be two-storey properties. Walberton PC would like to see more landscaping. Tennis courts are included. Wates will be contacting Avisford Golf Course. The proposed development plan should be in the public domain once Arun District Council (ADC) have processed it



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