Update: Electric Vehicle Charging Point for Sandham Memorial Village Hall

Electric car

So what’s happened with the idea of installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Point (EVCP) for Sandham Village Hall? Coincidentally, following the article in the Sep-19 issue of Sussex Local which floated this idea, Horsham District Council went to consultation on their draft EVCP Strategy which envisaged installing EVCPs on Council-owned land in the district.

We responded suggesting they broadened the scheme to include all land with public access (like our village hall car park) not just council-owned property. I am pleased to report that this suggestion has been taken on board and is now part of the strategy. It would obviously be better for us to be part of a broader scheme, if possible, rather than ‘go it alone’.

So what happens next? Horsham District Council say that they are hoping to go to the market for a supplier in March 2020 with the aim of identifying one by July 2020. That supplier would then survey the district for suitable sites for EVCPs and our car park would be a site that would be evaluated as part of this process. I hope to be able to provide a further update in August 2020.

Simon Berry, Chairman, Sandham Memorial Village Hall, Coldwaltham
[email protected]


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