Top tips for an easy trip to your Recycling Site

Spring has finally sprung and the change in weather and lighter evenings has seen a big increase in people heading along to a Household Waste Recycling Site (HWRS).

Whether tending to the garden, having a spring clean, or a general declutter, a quick run to the local HWRS is, for many of us, a seasonal routine.

Deborah Urquhart, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “The past couple of weeks have brought a dramatic improvement in the weather and at long last we can mow our lawns. As a result, there has been a big increase in residents visiting their local Household Waste Recycling Sites.

“This sudden spring surge has led to a number of very busy periods at our facilities across the county and sometimes quite a queue has built up.

“We are advising all users of our sites to make extra time for their visits and to follow our five top tips to make their visits as quick and hassle free as possible, allowing them to enjoy the rest of their evenings and weekends as intended.”


1. If you can, visit during the week, it is often quieter than at a weekend.

2. At the weekend sites tend to be busier first thing in the morning, so go later in the day to make your trip as hassle-free as possible.

3. When finding a space, take the next available free bay rather than waiting for a bay near a particular container. There are members of staff on site who will be happy to help you unload your car.

4. Try and go when you have a full load, this will save you having to do multiple trips.

5. Pack the car in sections, so you group your wood, garden waste, scrap metal etc together. This will allow you to easily unload and get all your stuff in the right container quickly and efficiently.

For further information on where your nearest HWRS is located and opening times, visit


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