Full timings for the Streets of Rye Festival – taking place for the first time on 30th April

Amy Amelia Arts streets of rye festival

Streets of Rye Festival street performers

The Streets of Rye will bring the Streets festival to town for the first time on 30th April. The well-established series of Rother events, which have been taking place in Battle and Bexhill for a number of years, will be bringing family friendly street theatre to the streets of Rye, surprising unsuspecting members of the public with an array of interactions.

Local drumming group Ryebellion will open the festival at 11am on Lion Street, which will then see several walkabout performers take to the streets of Rye. Performances include the East End rogues ‘Ron and Don’ by Fair Play Comedy who will try and sell audiences a suspect item or two.

There will be an enchanting and unusual ‘Magical Butterfly’ by Amy Amelia Arts, who will perform contact juggling for audiences.

The funny ‘Cod Choir’ by The Grand Theatre of Lemmings, will see two dripping wet deep-sea fisher displaying their unusual latest catch, and the cheeky ‘Wardens’ by the 2 Men will bring their own very questionable law enforcement to the streets of Rye.

“We’re really excited about bringing the ever popular ‘Streets’ festival to the streets of Rye bringing highly respected street theatre companies to the town”, said Mandy Curtis, of 18 Hours who are producing the event. “It’s an amazing opportunity to see really outstanding theatre for free and it’s suitable for the whole family.”

Full timings for the Saturday

  • The 2 Men, The Wardens- 11.20am/12.20pm/13.25 (30min)
  • Fair Play Comedy, Ron and Don- 11.35am/12.35pm/1.45pm (30 min)
  • The Grand Theatre of Lemmings, Cid Choir- 11.50pm/12.50pm/2.10pm (30 min)
  • Amy Amelia Arts, The Magical Butterfly- 12.05pm/1.05pm/2.30pm (30 min)

Further events include Streets of Battle which will take place on the May 7th and Streets of Bexhill on the May 28th. There will also be an additional Puddings and Pathways event in support of the 1066 Pathways on May 14th. The events are Arts Council funded and supported by local councils.

For more information, visit the ‘Streets’ Facebook page: facebook.com/battlestreetarts.



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