The Wildlife Trust calls for support in 60th Year

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Impacts on The Wildlife Trust nature reserves

Steve Tillman from The Wildlife Trust has been caring for nature reserves at Malling Down and Southerham Farm for 20 years. These reserves house rare butterflies such as the Adonis Blue and wild flowers such as the Round-headed Rampion, as well as various fragile habitats which are carefully sustained and managed.Over the past year the Land Management team has received unprecedented pressure. There’s been a rise in visitors to these reserves, which has led to damage to the infrastructure and consequently, a rise in anti-social behaviour such as fly tipping, unauthorised camping, and barbeques.

This also during a time where people are dealing with the impact of Ash Dieback, which leaves trees near roads and pathways unsafe and means they have to be felled immediately – something that has cost The Wildlife Trust over £150,000 in the past three years.


The Wildlife Trust needs to raise £60,000 in their 60th year to support the vital conservation work.

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