The Chapel Hairdressing Review

By Editor Kris Thomas

The Chapel is no ordinary hairdressers. Yes they cut, colour and style hair but that’s where the similarities end.

Co-founder Amanda discovered that people universally dislike the same traits about hair salons. Namely; confusing pricing, a lack of privacy and being passed between several stylists and juniors.

She also discovered that the secret to an amazing hair style is find out how the customer really wants to feel. A noisy, shoulder-to-shoulder salon environment is not conducive to encouraging such a conversation so The Chapel has been designed to offer an inviting and calm ambience. The striking venue, previously a church, has been renovated with an open mezzanine floor giving a wonderful feeling of openness. Plush furnishings such as crushed-velvet armchairs, and striking chrome and glass tables contrast the smooth wood floor – think comfortable spa hotel meets sophisticated cocktail venue. I was warmly greeted by stylist Kylie and host Mark bearing a silver tray with a mini hot chocolate for me. The wonderful aromas – Patchouli not Peroxide and the comfy sofa put me instantly at ease and Kylie and I formulated a plan for my hair. I felt very relaxed and that Kylie was genuinely interested in getting the best look for me.

The Horsham salon is the 6th venue opened by The Chapel group and they all follow the same formula. They charge by the hour from £50 upwards and timings are discussed beforehand so you know exactly what the bill will be. Stylists are encouraged to unleash their creativity working with their guest to create a bespoke look using any of the products at their disposal without worrying about additional charges. All chairs face 90 degrees from the wall for an open-space ambience yet still feeling private. I really enjoyed the one-to-one attention throughout my visit and Kylie was a terrific stylist, modifying my hair just enough to create a new look without leaving me with something difficult to maintain. I was thrilled with the result and felt truly pampered – highly recommended.

The Chapel, Denne Road, Horsham RH12 1JE 01403 288478


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