The benefits of gardening at The Hamblin Centre

The benefits of gardening are known and recognised by the medical profession as being of particular advantage to those suffering from loneliness and depression. The Hamblin Centre here in Bosham ( is keen to support people interested in this wonderful form of therapy as again and again people pay tribute to the role that caring for plants has played in supporting their health and wellbeing. To find out more why not check out:

The theme of our nursery is flowers – whether to grow for your own garden, buy to arrange or enjoy ready prepared in a vase.

There will be plants to buy that inspire through their scent for example 8 different types of herbs, plants that give us food – 5 different types of tomatoes, plants that inspire through their beauty e.g. roses and dahlias – many will be available to purchase as cut flowers when in season. The wonderful thing is that you don’t even need a garden to enjoy and benefit from plants. Mini arrangements will often be available too.

This has been an exciting project – very enthusiastically created by committed volunteers including the Southborne Lions and supported by generous donations from local companies. Taking a really unloved piece of land and transforming it into a working nursery has been a huge challenge. Definitely the stuff of dreams. We are very grateful to a number of local businesses who have donated a whole range of supplies, from plants and bulbs to wood, soil and a Summer House. Supporters of the Trust played their part too, further facilitating the project with practical gifts of flower pots and equipment as well as generous financial contributions.

We really hope that the nursery will have strong support from the local community; as with so many smaller charities the Trust desperately needs extra funding to be sustainable.


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