Tangmere Parish Council June News

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, West Sussex

Edited extracts of minutes of the Environment Committee meeting held on 12th March 2019.


Application ref TG/19/00334/DOM

Single storey rear and side extensions and enlarged front porch. Woodstock, Gibson Road, Tangmere, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 2JA. No objection but note that the property straddles an original and historic field boundary/ditch.

Weekly Inspection of Recreation Field

The Community Wardens would be asked to carry out the weekly inspection henceforth.

Tree Safety Inspection

Members agreed the specification and location plans and identified potential contractors who could undertake the work.

West Sussex CC Highways

A meeting had been held with WSCC Highways with the following points noted:

  1. a) Malcolm Road (opposite the Co-op). Tangmere Parish Council will make a formal application for a dropped kerb and a tactile pavement at this location. This will be added to a holding list for when future funds are made available.
  2. b) Malcolm Road verge – WSCC is going to get this topped up with soil and re-profiled. Longer term if there is an issue, WSCC could possibly provide a double height kerb which should stop the erosion but will monitor the situation.
  3. c) Chichester Drive overgrown area. Some works had been carried out, there was no overhanging vegetation was below the required height and therefore is not considered to be a safety issue.
  4. d) Bus Shelter opp Aviation Museum – bollards can be installed in line with the front of the shelter but not further forward.

Additional Litter Bins

Agreed that the Clerk should reiterate request for litter bins to Chichester District Council (CDC) at:

  • Bus Shelter at Jct Meadow Way and Tangmere Road
  • Bus Shelter at top of Meadow Way opp Dukes Meadow
  • Bus Shelter opposite Museum.
  • Replacement bin at recreation field
  • Fulmar Way – on Tangmere sige of airfield

Also that the existing dog bin between the Memorial garden and Community Orchard (accessed via Haleybridge Walk be replaced with a twin bin. www.tangmere-online.co.uk


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