Tangmere Council February News

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, West Sussex

The Parish Council considered the options regarding the protection of the recreation field from illegal traveller access at the January full council meeting. Our consultation process on this subject received very little comment, so we determined to plant a mixed hedge with pedestrian gaps on the Nettleton Avenue edge of the field, between the existing wooden posts. In time this will grow into a sturdy barrier, and we have committed to keep the hedge low by regular pruning. This will be planted by the end of March.

We also agreed to instigate a topographic survey of the field as a first step in determining any improved drainage options that we may take to improve the condition of the field.

The future funding and arrangements for the Youth Club were considered in the light of the difficulty that has been experienced arranging supervision for the evening meetings. Whilst the cost of supporting an external youth worker was deemed to be too great for the council to fund from the precept, it was agreed to invite the various Social Landlords who operate in the village to join in on a co-operative funding scheme to allow this project to proceed. If this is successful then the existing provision from the precept for youth activities will be pooled with external funds to provide a sustainable funding solution.

We received the Community Wardens report, and were disappointed to learn that despite much interest from the students at the Tangmere Academy for the resurrection of the Junior Warden scheme, parents were unwilling to sign up and allow their children to participate. May I ask all parents of year 5 students to re-consider supporting the Junior Wardens scheme that has been so successful in previous years.

The annual precept was also determined at the January meeting. After many years of holding the precept unchanged, we agreed to increase the charge we make on local residents by 10%. This was to cover the additional expense of our administrative staffing arrangements, as well as compensating for reduced CDC funding this year. The number of properties in Tangmere that share this precept has increased by 15% since we last increased the call and the additional funds will put our administration on a secure footing in readiness for the challenges arising from the new housing development.

I am sure that all residents enjoyed the Christmas tree in the Co-op car park this year. I would like to thank Trevor Ware for the hard work he put in to make this a success. Going forward Trevor will be given much more support in such endeavours, as we refresh the Tangmere Action Group (TAG) that was established some years ago. The objective of TAG is to provide a forum for residents and Council members to work on community activities. For more
information please see: www.tangmere-online.co.uk


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