Taking action to limit disruption during Midhurst road rebuilding

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Every effort is being made to provide a long-term solution to a road issue in Midhurst while limiting disruption during works as much as possible.

Measures being taken during the full reconstruction of a deteriorating section of road at Rumbolds Hill include some night-time working and arranging for a temporary bus terminus in the Grange car park.

The section of road has deteriorated beyond the possibility of short-term repair. It is narrow, so will have to be closed to traffic and pedestrians from the A272/A286 roundabout to the south of June Lane. This is essential for the safety of both road users and the workforce and a signed diversion will be in place. Pedestrians will be asked to use West Street and adjacent roads.

The work, being carried out by contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places, starts on June 10 and is likely to take about a fortnight.

A West Sussex Highways spokesperson said: “This is a key junction, between the A272 and A286: to complete the work as efficiently as possible while minimising disruption, a schedule has been developed to make full use of the long days at this time of year.

“Where appropriate, work will continue through the night. We fully understand the impact that noise can have on nearby properties, especially at night-time, so the noisiest operations will be restricted to between 7am and 11pm only.

“Buses approaching Midhurst from the south and west will arrive/depart from a temporary terminus in the Grange car park. There will be notices at the North Street bus station directing passengers to the temporary terminus.”

Information about the temporary arrangements will be displayed on the buses and via:


Both bus companies also have Twitter accounts which they will use to publicise the arrangements. Vulnerable passengers are asked to please contact the bus company in advance of travelling to confirm arrangements.

Businesses in the town have been consulted on the likely disruption caused by the works. They will be able to open as usual, with deliveries being subject to a signed diversion.

Vehicles entering off the A3 will be diverted via the A286 and those coming from the Horsham direction will take the A272. Vehicles from the Chichester direction will need to approach via Petworth.

“We can only apologise for the inconvenience caused during this essential work but we will be doing everything we can to get it done as efficiently and safely as possible.”


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