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Broken plastic bottle

Everyone in West Sussex is being encouraged to reduce the amount of ‘single-use’ plastics they use during Waste Week (5-9 March).

West Sussex County Council is challenging everyone to #PassOnPlastic and find an alternative for at least one plastic item they would usually use just once and then throw away.

It’s hoped the week long challenge will encourage people to think about waste prevention and find long-term solutions to help them cut down on the amount of plastic which ends up in the bin.

West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for the Environment, Deborah Urquhart, said: “In West Sussex we’re fortunate enough to be able to recycle lots of different types of plastics – such as bottles, pots, tubs, and trays – at home through our kerbside recycling bins.

“Recycling is important – but what is even more important is cutting down on waste in the first place.

“Things like plastic straws, plastic cutlery, cling film, and plastic bags will unfortunately usually end up being thrown away. We want to encourage people to look for alternatives where possible so we can reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastics which end up in landfill or our oceans and rivers.”

For tips, tricks, and alternatives to single-use plastics visit www.westsussex.gov.uk/passonplastic or you can follow @WestSussexWaste on Twitter or West Sussex Waste on Facebook.


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