Sussex seas are being poisoned with plastic pollution!

Thanks to Sir David Attenborough and The Blue Planet TV series, the previously unseen threats of plastic pollution have now reached millions of people in the UK.

Sussex has over 90 miles of coastline, and the sea has hugely diverse habitats under its waves. Beachy Head waters in the east are home to short-snouted seahorses, blue mussel beds and small spotted cat sharks. In the west, beyond Selsey Bill, we have a limestone reef, visited by bottlenose dolphins, which is home to a fascinating array of sea squirts, tompot blennies and colourful wrasse.

Unless we act now there’s a real danger that some of our most precious marine habitats could be lost forever

With your support we have the chance to turn the tide on the destruction of our seas by:

  • organising regular beach cleans
  • gaining a greater understanding of marine wildlife and habitats with underwater and coastal surveys
  • standing up for marine wildlife when important decisions are being made about the future of our seas

Whatever you can give, please donate today and make a real difference to marine wildlife along the Sussex coast and under the sea.


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