Sussex-based website set to support Christmas puppy buyers

Justine Williams - Our Family Dog

A Sussex-based website which supports new puppy owners – Our Family Dog – is preparing for a seasonal spike in activity due to high numbers of Christmas puppy buyers.

Our Family Dog is a new website which provides advice and support to new puppy parents. Thousands of puppies are bought every year in the UK, with seasonal peaks in puppy buying at Christmas and during the school summer holidays. Research has found that new puppy owners often feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for their new pet; as they struggle with issues such as toilet training, the sleepless nights that come with having a new puppy and teaching a puppy to be left alone.

“It’s quite common for new puppy owners to start to feel the strain soon after getting their pet. In fact, many people report experiencing something called the ‘new puppy blues’; not dissimilar to the ‘baby blues’,” said Our Family Dog’s founder, Justine Williams.

Research has found a mismatch between the expectations and reality of getting a puppy, something Our Family Dog is seeking to address. Inspired by the success of parenting websites, which have provided a much-needed lifeline to new mums and dads trying to navigate their way through the early years, Our Family Dog is the first website specifically for first-time puppy owners.

Visitors to the website can access a range of dog and puppy care guides covering subjects from toilet training and teaching puppies to sleep at night, to preventing dog theft and administering first aid to dogs. They can also subscribe to the Puppy’s First Year email series to receive regular updates about what to expect as their puppy develops and grows (

“Our aim is to provide a lifeline when new puppy parents are most in need of support – as the sleepless nights and toilet training take their toll, and the ‘puppy blues’ kicks in,” said Justine Williams.

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