Supporting Volunteers in Storrington

The Community Partnership reports that 90% of the visitors giving feedback at their Volunteering Fair, Storrington On Show, in May 2017, supported another show being held in 12 months time. As a result, the Storrington and Sullington Community Partnership concluded that an event for participating voluntary groups on the subject of recruiting and retaining volunteers would provide useful preparation for the next show scheduled for 12th May 2018.

Horsham District Council’s Community Development Service also recently consulted with voluntary groups on the Council’s forthcoming assumption of responsibility for support and development of community services. Recruitment and retention of volunteers was flagged up as a high priority by those voluntary groups across the Horsham District.

After discussions with organisations that attended in May 2017, Trustees of the Partnership finally had a list of participants totalling 24 for this workshop. At the Trinity Centre, Judy, one of their volunteers was on hand to meet and greet them all. Trustees Louise, David and Martin were ready to support the workshop leaders Sue Edgson and her colleague Mandy Cunningham from Horsham and Mid Sussex Voluntary Action (HAMSVA) .

Presenters Sue and Mandy offered a range of techniques to achieve successful recruiting with volunteers. After the break, with participants seated at tables for 6, case studies were worked on by members of the groups, and much lively discussion took place!

All materials used by the speakers and displayed on the screen have now been circulated to participants. The seminar finished at 1.00, and some participants stayed for a while to swap notes and fill in feedback forms. Altogether, the participants represented 16 different voluntary organisations within the Storrington area. Trustees therefore felt the workshop was a significant contribution to their skills. It seems that all had gained something from the morning, and the Trustees of the Partnership hope that it may have given some provoking thoughts for the show in May.


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