SuperHomes scheme will help residents in Chichester District to make their properties more energy efficient

SuperHomes Solar panels

SuperHomes providing support and advice on energy efficiency

A scheme to help residents make their homes more energy efficient is being launched in Chichester District through the SuperHomes Network.

Chichester District Council is also offering free membership for a year (worth £50) to the first 40 residents to join the SuperHomes Network. The network is run by the National Energy Foundation to provide knowledge, support and advice to anyone who wants to make their home more energy efficient and reduce its carbon emissions but doesn’t know where to start.

Measures to make a home more energy efficient – also known as retrofitting – can include improving insulation, changing a gas or oil heating system for a low-carbon heat system such as a heat pump, or generating renewable energy on the roof by installing solar panels.

Through the SuperHomes Network’s online webinars, homeowners can learn about different aspects of retrofit and share best practice before committing to having any work done.

Whole house retrofit service to improve energy efficiency

In addition, SuperHomes offer a variety of other services, including a whole house retrofit plan. Residents can pay £500 (for a typical 3-bed property) for a trained retrofit co-ordinator to survey their home and provide tailored advice on the different steps that could be taken to improve the property’s energy efficiency.

The survey report then breaks down the different measures being recommended from the cheapest to the more expensive options. These are grouped into different stages so that it’s easy for the homeowner to see what each step costs and the impact that each step would have on their bills. It also advises people about the best way to find installers. This phased approach enables a homeowner to plan the work and spread the cost over a period of time.

SuperHomes have been working with the organisation PeCAN (Petersfield Climate Action Network) to carry out whole house retrofit plans in Chichester District and East Hampshire. Through PeCAN, properties in council tax bands A-D are able to get a whole house retrofit plan for £250 up until the end of September 2023.

People can find out more about the SuperHomes Network and become a member at:

Further information on the work that the council is doing on climate change, as well energy saving tips, can be found at:

To see whether you are eligible for grant funding to make your home more energy efficient, and to apply, visit: or call: 0800 038 5737.


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