Summer fun is on the way to Worthing seafront

Summer in Worthing is warming up with gourmet sandwiches, non-alcoholic mojitos and more of the watersports opportunities the town has become famous for.

It’s a record year for summer concessions offered by Worthing Borough Council. All of the available concessions have been filled and will bring a wealth of extra fun to the town.

Wheelie Good Fun Ltd is offering one of the brand new concessions for summer 2018. Take your family for a promenade ride on a four person buggy bike, with two extra toddler seats on the front. The bikes are available from pick-up points on the promenade at the Waterwise Playground and opposite Prospect Place from mid-June 2018.

And if being on the water is more your cup of tea, then take yourself down to GLO Wellbeing on Goring Beach near to Sea Lane Cafe. There you can hire Red Paddles and receive a lesson too in the art of staying upright on a board in the water.

Afterwards, head into town to revive yourself with a non-alcoholic mojito from ‘Mojito Lemon’, nearby The Beacon on the promenade, and maybe some chips from The Lido Entertainment Centre next door.

And if that hasn’t put you enough in the mood for early summer, then you might try your hand at kite flying between the Waterwise playground and the Splash Pad. From June, Brian O’Neill of Let’s Go Fly a Kite will be dressed in the style of Dick Van Dyke from the timeless classic film ‘Mary Poppins’ to sell kite-making kits from his colourful bike cart.

Councillor Kevin Jenkins, the council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, said: “For the first time we have sold out all our concessions. It shows that Worthing is really becoming the place to be in the summer. The concessions bring a vibrancy to the community and options for all the family.”

In the last few years, Worthing has become known for its water sports opportunities, and this year everything from kite surfing to stand up paddleboarding will be on offer on the beaches from East Worthing to Goring.

Food is also on the up when it comes to the summer’s offerings. Old and popular staples are still here including Lush Mobile Cafe, but new on the block from June is What We Are Eating offering gourmet sandwiches made with local West Sussex produce. Run by Paul Dowsett, it can be found at the Windsor Lawns Picnic Area, which has seen further regeneration works with additional gym equipment now installed, following the refurbishment of the Windsor Lawns Shelter.

Paul Dowsett, of What We Are Eating, said: “I would describe myself as a ‘food remixer’. It’s not fusion food as I’m not into trying to marry flavours and produce from particular parts of the world.

“Instead I like to take classic food combinations, then reimagine and rework them. I’m just interested in what tastes good!”

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