Storrington Schools June Roundup

Storrington Primary School

Home school learning is a valued part of the learning journey at Storrington Primary School.

This is especially important in Reception when children are just starting out on their school journey.

As a team we are always keen to include the children in making decisions about their own learning. Our experience working with children has shown that their participation in the initial stages encourages children to become more involved and demonstrate a higher level of understanding.

The summer term brought a new story into Reception – The Treasure of Pirate Frank and with it a focus on floating and sinking and life under the Sea. Children are very excited to be welcoming a real marine biologist into the classroom to talk to them about life under the sea!

The children returned to school with some fabulous boat creations – made at home. Boxes, trays and pots were transformed into amazing boats!

This has been a fabulous start to the topic and the children have been predicting if they think the boats will float or sink! Thank you to all our amazing parents who helped build, create and design!

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Thakeham Primary School

At Thakeham Primary School we start every topic with a Stunning Start!  These are trips, events or activities – even visitors we welcome in – that excite us to start our learning in the new school term.

Brooke, one of our school reporters, recently participated in a very exciting chocolate workshop as the Stunning Start for her Mayan Topic!

Chocolate. It’s one of the most appetizing treats in the world. However, do you know where it comes from?

Our topic of the Mayan civilization lead us to discover where chocolate came from. The chocolate we eat now is luscious and delightful and has fully changed from when the Mayans first discovered the chocolate, and it’s abilities to make pleasant food and drink.  Elder Class (as part of their topic) got to make: chocolate lollies, chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate bars. With the help of Mrs Norton the chocolate-loving head teacher, everyone in Elder Class enjoyed making this special treat. We even got a chocolate treat at the end, yummy!

Chocolate, actually came from Paradise -the God’s land- and when a kind God brought the chocolate to the Mayans they began making drinks out of it. After that, the chocolate drink has become a chocolate food. Much enjoyed by us today, so when you eat, or indeed drink chocolate, you know where it originated from.

Brooke (Elder Class Y6)



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