HGV “rat running” protests in Storrington

Storrington Traffic Action Group protesting 6th March 2020

HGV “rat running” through Storrington saw the newly-formed Storrington Traffic Action Group (STAG) out protesting for the first time today.

STAG’s mission is to persuade operators of HGVs to use the West Sussex County Council’s Strategic and Local Lorry Routes. This, they say, is preferable to “rat running” through the already busy A283 which runs through Storrington. HGVs are one reason the village features as one of the country’s worst polluted areas. They want to encourage drivers to avoid transits of the village and, where possible, to use a pollution-reducing driving style.

The advisory route map does not show the A283 through Storrington, yet some hauliers are alleged to ignore this on cost cutting grounds.

The West Sussex Advisory Lorry route map explicitly excludes Storrington

STAG says that 25%-30% of air pollution in Storrington village centre derives from HGVs. The rates of deaths and people on long-term medication for respiratory illness are not known for Storrington specifically. However it remains one of the most polluted places in the UK and the worst in the South East region.

Storrington Traffic Action Group protesting 6th March 2020
The protesters drew lots of attention from passers by

HGVs travelling between Fontwell and the A24 at Washington save 2.5 miles each way if they route through Storrington. STAG says these savings are miniscule compared to the effect of their pollution on the health and welfare of Storrington residents.

STAG is looking for volunteers interested in helping their campaign. Whether this is attending protests about HGV rat running, displaying posters, making phone calls or distributing flyers, they would like to hear from you. Those with skills in web design, public relations, law, medicine, education or business contacts would also be welcome.

Email [email protected] for more details.


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