Storrington Primary Schools News March 2019

Teddy The School Dog!

Teddy, a cockerpoo, is owned by Headteacher Marion Smith and has been a regular visitor and much loved member of our school since 2016.

Dogs are wonderful companions and help teach children about responsibility, patience and compassion.

Teddy can also help children learn about socialisation;  like most humans, dogs are social animals who enjoy and need attention and affection and this can help children learn how to better socialise with other children.

As a wonderful listener, Teddy also enjoys being read to by children who may otherwise need some extra encouragement to sit down with a book!

More about the benefits of reading to dogs can be found at:

We are delighted to be working with the Dogs Trust who will be visiting the school and delivering workshops to help children learn how to become safe and responsible around dogs. The first workshop took place recently and the children really enjoyed meeting the Dogs Trust team and learning more about this wonderful local charity.

Here are some comments about Teddy from children across the school. “If you are feeling upset or a little poorly Teddy is always happy to cheer you up and take your mind off it!”  “Teddy is soft cuddly and helps  me find my way when I am lost”  “He is very friendly and helps calm us down and relax – and his fur is lovely and curly!”

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