Stephen Lloyd MP to join Eastbourne Greenpeace and help protect beaches

Eastbourne Beach

Stephen Lloyd MP will join the Eastbourne Greenpeace group at their event highlighting the need for action to clean up and protect Eastbourne’s beaches as part of “Show the Love”, an annual celebration of all that we love but could lose because of climate change.

Stephen Lloyd MP will join Eastbourne Greenpeace at the Band Stand at 10 am on Saturday 17th February, for a photo shoot and to join in with the Show the Love campaign. A Green Heart shaped cake will be shared and there will be a discussion on what we can do to protect the beaches we love in Eastbourne.

This will also be a good photo opportunity as we make a heart on the beach to show our love of our beach!

For more information contact: Evie Sier, [email protected], 07852 903873


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