St Peter’s pupils push for funds to make their voices heard


Burnet News Group

St Peter’s pupils are striving to take part in the Burnet news group, a charitable project which helps pupils from state schools gain knowledge of current affairs, engage with civic issues and develop their voice. The pupils, aged 9 and 10, are looking out to the community to help them find sponsors willing to help them take part in this initiative and become the citizens we need for the future.

Rural schools funds

The pupils are seeking external support as funding to small rural schools – particularly those in West Sussex – is well below the level received in other parts of the country. There is no funding for extra curricular activities – no matter how worthwhile.

Can you help?

St Peter’s pupils do not want the ‘small matter’ of funding to get in their way and are looking out to the community to help. They ask can you be their benefactor? Can you help St Peter’s raise £1000 to begin their work with the Burnet news group charity? Do you work for a company with a social responsibility policy that might boost their funds?

What the children think

Said Tilly Grobbler (age 10), “We really need your help. We want to grow up to make a difference to our world.”

Fleur Hutchings (age 9), added, “It is good to know what is happening in the world. If we aren’t helped to understand, how can we change things for the better?” Lana Pass (age 9), supported Fleur’s view. She said, “It is important to help us as the next generation to make the world better.”

Jayden Rich (age 10), echoed Lana’s view. He said, “We are trying to change things like poverty, lack of housing, access to doctors and pollution. We want to find out how we can help people locally and around the world.”

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard”

Their teacher, Mrs S Bateman, added, “St Peter’s is a small rural school. Our pupils come from a variety of different backgrounds and every one of them deserves the opportunity to be heard in the world and make a difference.”

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