Speed limit on road outside of school in Shipley reduced to make children’s journey safer

speed limit in shipley

New policy leads to 20mph speed limit outside of primary school

Children, parents and staffs’ journey to a school in Shipley has been made safer as the speed limit is reduced from 60mph to 30mph on School Lane and Red Lane and 20mph on a section outside of the school.

West Sussex County Council received an application for a speed limit traffic regulation order to reduce the speed from 60mph to 30mph due to many children and parents walking to Shipley CE Primary School from the nearby area. The change was applied in August 2023 and thanks to West Sussex County Council’s new speed limit policy a further reduction to 20mph outside of the school was implemented.

In December 2022 the speed limit policy was approved by Joy Dennis, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, speaking about the policy Joy said: “The policy was introduced to help vulnerable road users and make active travel choices more attractive in West Sussex.

“Part of the policy includes an option for lower speed limits on rural roads and to make it easier for 20mph limits to be introduced outside of schools. The safety of children going to school is of the upmost importance to us so it’s great to see this policy being used effectively in Shipley. I hope that this change also encourages children, parents and staff to feel safe and confident to walk or cycle to the school.”

Both the speed limit policy and decision to lower the speed limit supports active travel, which is one of the key aspects of the West Sussex Transport Plan 2022 – 2036, which also underpins the Council Plan priority of supporting a sustainable and prosperous economy.

The applicant of the speed limit traffic regulation order, Sarah Cuthbertson said: “I’m hugely grateful and delighted to West Sussex County Council for approving and implementing the new 20/30MPH zone.

“With cars being faster than ever before, it is so easy to not realise how fast we are driving. Slower speeds are crucial, especially on single carriage roads such as Red Lane and School Lane, which in particular sees a high volume of traffic during term times due to the primary school, but it also doubles up as a popular road for walkers and equestrians too.”

Amanda Jupp, local councillor for Billingshurst who supported this scheme said: “With the introduction of the new 20 mph speed limit outside Shipley School, I hope that this will make it safer for all drivers and school users. My thanks to all who supported it.”

If a community identifies support for a speed limit change – including support from the local County Councillor and Parish Council (if there is one) it will be considered via the existing Traffic Regulation Order or Community Highway Scheme process depending on whether additional measures are required.

More information about Traffic Regulation Orders and how to apply for them can be found on West Sussex County Council’s website at www.westsussex.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/traffic-regulation-orders.


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