Southdown Gliding Club

southdown gliding club

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Southdown Gliding Club has a fantastic position beside the South Downs, the views of Sussex are just super. They are a volunteer run club using a lovely modern fleet of both 2 seat and single seat gliders, which stay up using the up-currents called thermals.

They have about 240 members from all walks of life, usual flying days are Wednesdays and the weekends. Well qualified instructors can teach you to fly so that you can fly safely across the countryside when conditions are suitable.

The club distance record is over 800 kilometres, out and back home in a day. An exceptional feat, which won the “Skysailing” trophy for the greatest distance, which has been awarded since 1930. A more normal day’s distance may be 300km. Gliding is a brilliant leveller, anyone can do it. Youngsters can even go solo when they get to 14 years old and venture across country when they’re 16.

The club have winch evenings for groups like the Scouts. It’s exciting and helps pilots to keep their hand in. The children come down with beaming faces every time! About a quarter of the membership are juniors, they are very good at letting each other know what’s going on. If conditions are good enough they may have extra flying days during the week. An instructor may run a course to teach a group of student pilots. Learning with others at the same time really helps. They have recently updated the clubhouse, it’s smart and comfortable place to relax after a wonderful flight.

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