South East Water – Free pipe lagging and protectors for 2021 winter

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Winter ready pipes and taps

With climate change and the environment as a rising issue, households can help do their bit by lagging water pipes and outdoor taps.

As winter approaches, people looking for ways to be more energy efficient can cut down on the amount used to heat water by insulating hot water pipes, as well as protecting cold water pipes and taps from freezing and bursting. South East Water is giving pipe lagging away for free to customers along with outdoor tap protectors, to help prevent this home improvement job from being a costly operation.

For the winter kit, additional advice and a video on how to protect water pipes go to

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South East Water winter tips

  • Insulate pipes, cisterns and tanks
  • Repair dripping taps
  • Inspect loft insulation
  • Make sure the internal stop tap works
  • When away leave heating low or drain down systems


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