Small company celebrates 30 years publishing under the SMH Imprint

To mark this ‘one-woman band’ anniversary, SMHBOOKS are publishing a second children’s book*, Star Sandwiches and Moon Custard, by Arundel resident Sandra Saer. The nine stories, for children aged 3-8, are mainly set in the family’s former home, a big old house in Ireland, although they could really apply to happily-remembered childhoods anywhere… All kinds of interesting things, people and animals were there for the main characters, quiet Will and noisier Charlie, to see and enjoy with their brother, small Paul, and their sister, baby Clara. Their father, a bloodstock breeder, looked after the horses; their mother looked after the family.

These stories mirror happy days, lived in the peace of the countryside – but where the unexpected often spiced-up the days! There was the arrival of an unreliable goat, with spooky yellow eyes – the boys didn’t like him!…the Big Shop, when Mummy returned from town with a taxi-ful of good things: something special for everyone – Was it wise to bring a water pistol for Charlie??…and the ’Farm Ghost’ – would Charlie manage to catch him?

Sarah Leigh-Wills, ‘Happy Designer’, working from her cottage in Launceston, Cornwall, sensitively and accurately matches her many beautiful colour illustrations to the text. It took DECADES for Sandra to find the right illustrator for this book, but we think it was worth the wait…

*Sandra’s first children’s book, THE GIANT AND THE MOUSE, was also written around her four, when small. It was illustrated by Martin Hargreaves, a nephew of Roger Hargreaves, of MR MEN and LITTLE MISS fame. THE GIANT AND THE MOUSE won a prestigious David St John Thomas Award.


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