Shoreham Memorial Installation to begin within weeks


A memorial to the victims of the Shoreham Air Show tragedy is now taking shape with installation set to begin around the end of this month.

A moving series of sculptures and artworks are being created in the studio of local artists, husband and wife team Jane Fordham and David Parfitt, ready to be installed on the banks of the Adur as fitting statements of remembrance to the eleven people who died in the crash in August 2015.

A specially designed memorial bench is to be installed close to eleven individual arches, one for each of the victims, on the east side of the river near the entrance to the Shoreham Toll Bridge. Looking through the arches will take the eye to the west side of the river where a series of small dots of light, again numbering eleven, on reed-like structures will sway gently in the wind.

Jane said: “We are making good progress and can start to see the shape of things emerging. The designs may not look like a memorial but they are intended as a place for reflection to accommodate as many people’s needs as possible.

“We are also very conscious that a lot of people already use that area, for walking, picnicking, cycling and quiet contemplation, so we wanted to create something that reflects the past, present and future; where people can go along to and engage with in their own way.”

Jane and David believe they will have created a place of remembrance while embracing the calm and serenity of the river Adur. Their concept of an installation on the banks of the river was chosen by the families of the victims, many of whom are still involved with the design process as the scheme develops.

No specific time frame has been set for the completion of the installation which will simply emerge rather than be the subject of an official opening.

Councillor Emma Evans, Adur District Council’s Executive Member for Environment, said: “Jane and David have been so sensitive to the requirements of the brief and have created a wonderful piece of outdoor art for people to both remember those lost in 2015 but also to enjoy as they walk through this beautiful environment.”

The money for the sculptures was raised by officers of Adur District Council and included donations from the Council, Worthing Borough Council, West Sussex County Council, Brighton and Hove City Council and local businesses.


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