Shoreham Airshow Memorial is taking shape

The lasting memorial to the victims of the Shoreham Airshow crash is taking shape as artists lovingly create individual arches of remembrance.

The memorial, supported by Adur District Council and local business donations, is to be placed on the east and west banks of the river near the Old Toll Bridge and is being installed gradually on site.

Artists Jane Fordham and David Parfitt are almost finished laying the mosaic foundation on the east bank upon which a bench will be placed which looks towards the 11 arches which have all been individually crafted after consultation with the relatives of those who died.

The arches, being finished at Jane and David’s Portslade studio, will eventually reflect the likes and loves of the individual victims so metallic sculptures of cats and basketball nets are among the features taking shape around the arches.

Recently Adur and Worthing Councils’ Director for the Economy Martin Randall and the Councils project manager Lara Southam were given a tour of the project as it nears completion.

Said Martin, “I was really impressed with what I saw. Jane and David are creating a memorial which is moving and will stand the test of time as an inspirational piece of work. The way they have involved the relatives in the work so that it reflects the personalities of those who lost their lives is awe-inspiring.”

Across the river on the west side an installation will support a series of 11 points of light which will be visible through the arches. Jane and David hope to have the entire memorial installed within the next few months.


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