Shining a light on domestic abuse in rural communities

Three local organisations are working together to raise awareness of the signs of domestic abuse, particularly within rural communities where access to support may be limited.

Sussex Community Development Association (SCDA), Action in rural Sussex (AirS) and The Rita Project, funded by the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) are looking for people living in rural communities who would like to explore different ways to raise awareness in their communities.

Rob Whitehead, SCDA Advice & Inclusion Manager said, “Domestic Abuse is controlling and toxic behaviour that not only impacts the individual but the community around them. We support the message that people experiencing abuse will be believed, they are not to blame and there is support available. People living in rural areas can struggle more than those in towns to access support and we are dedicated to reducing that gap”.

Kim Richards, AirS Team Leader said, “It’s really positive for the AirS Village Agents to have this opportunity to work in partnership with experts in the field to take support, advice, information and most critically, conversations about domestic abuse into the villages we work in.’ In remote areas both the impacts of domestic abuse and the support available can be hidden and through this work we aim to raise awareness and increase understanding of both.”

For more information about how you can get involved raising awareness in your local community, please contact: Madelaine Hunter at The Rita Project [email protected]


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