Flora and fauna thriving in the shingle on Shoreham Beach awards it a Green Flag

In early summer, a walk along Shoreham Beach using its accessible boardwalk introduces the stroller to just some of the 90 plus species of plant on show (Credit - Friends of Shoreham Beach)

Shoreham Beach awarded a Green Flag

In Adur you expect open spaces like Buckingham Park, Lancing Manor Park and Lancing Ring to be awarded a Green Flag and they have year after year.

However, the fourth award in 2022 went to Shoreham Beach, the second in a row for this location which helps a riot of flora and fauna thrive down in the shingle despite being buffeted by the fresh salt-ladened air 365 days and nights a year.

Insects, such as the Small Copper butterfly, birds like Oystercatchers and reptiles such as the Wall Lizard also make their home here.

Plants along Shoreham Beach

In early summer, a walk along the beach using its accessible boardwalk made out of recycled plastics introduces the stroller to some of the 90 species of plant on show – a factor which helped the beach achieve a Local Nature Reserve Status in 2006.

Plant species such as Yellow Horned Poppy, Sea Daisies, Starry Clover, Viper’s Bugloss and Thrift are appear during late spring and early summer, and have proven to be ideal habitats for the surrounding wildlife too.

Although Shoreham Beach is managed by Adur District Council, the standards set in recent years wouldn’t be possible without the input of community and volunteer groups who help to keep the unusual shingle habitat in shape.

Working in partnership with the Council’s rangers, The Friends of Shoreham Beach help organise regular litter picks, educational events take place and efforts to ensure the beach remains accessible for all are made.

Council member and Park Ranger on nature at Shoreham Beach

Towards the end of July it was announced that Shoreham Beach had been awarded its second successive Green Flag by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.

Cllr Emma Evans, Adur District Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “From the coast to the downs, we’re fortunate to have so many beautiful spaces across Adur, and Shoreham Beach is no exception.

“The colourful display during the summer is great to see, and it is genuinely surprising to the first-time visitor to see that amid the shingle there is so much life. I’d especially like to thank the hard work from our rangers and dedicated volunteers who help look after this special reserve all year round.”

Park Ranger Craig Ifield said: “I just love it down here, the sights and sounds, it feels like another world. It really is a special place but it couldn’t remain so if it wasn’t for The Friends of Shoreham Beach and all residents and visitors who help take care of it and preserve its fragile ecosystem.”

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