Unforeseen circumstances cause second phase of road resurfacing in Chichester city centre to start May 10th

The current carriageway needing road resurfacing in St John's Street

Road resurfacing to begin due to unforeseen circumstances

A second phase of essential Chichester city centre road resurfacing work is scheduled to start soon.

The carriageway in St John’s Street, Friary Lane, New Town, Baffins Lane and East Street is showing signs of significant weakening: the new surface will be smoother, which will reduce road noise, and be more resilient to potholes. The improvements will also include renewing road markings and adjusting or replacing drainage covers.

Subject to unforeseen circumstances, such as severe weather, the work in St John’s Street, Friary Lane and New Town will start on 10th May and is expected to take two days, from 7am to 7pm. The overnight road resurfacing works in Baffins Lane and East Street is scheduled to take place 8pm to 6am from 12th May and is expected to take two nights.

Shops and other businesses will be able to open as normal. Access to Chichester District Council’s Friary Lane car park will be maintained via South Pallant on the day of the works.

Road resurfacing works to take place overnight

A West Sussex County Council spokesperson said: “We appreciate these are narrow, historic roads and that work of this nature does cause disruption for both residents and businesses, for which we apologise.

“However, every effort will be made to try to minimise the inconvenience: for example, in the case of the overnight work, our contractor will try their best to carry out the noisiest operations in the earliest part of the evening and before 11pm. The short-term disruption will lead to long-term improvements for all road users.”

Before the works start, advance warning signs will be displayed in the local area, where any changes to dates will also be shown.

The roads will be closed to through traffic for the protection of both the public and workforce and pedestrian barriers positioned adjacent to the works. Parking will also be prohibited.

The carriageway in Old Market Avenue, Theatre Lane and South, East, North and West Pallant was resurfaced in the first phase of the improvements project last September.


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