Save Lewes Swifts children’s competition

Swifts are with us for just three months each Summer, bringing drama and excitement to our skies.

Lewes has always been an important town for Swifts, with an estimated 10% of Sussex Swifts nesting here.

The Swifts of Lewes need your help, or they could soon vanish! Since Roman times they have made simple nests in the gaps under the eaves of old buildings, but modern renovation techniques and demolition of old buildings are preventing them from finding a nesting space.

Swifts only touch ground when they are ready to breed, and they need to catch thousands of insects and spiderlings to be able to feed themselves and their chicks – and the excessive use of pesticides and insecticides makes it harder for them to find enough food to keep their populations resilient. In addition, extreme weather conditions due to climate change are leading to more fatalities during their migration from Central Africa.

To celebrate Swift Awareness Week, 3rd to 11th July 2021, children and young people are invited to design a poster to help to spread the word about these fascinating birds!

More details of the competition are given on the LSS website:


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