Sandgate Park Bridge Project

The new parkland that CEMEX have opened up for walkers off Water Lane has become very popular because of its well constructed paths, benches, open space and interesting views.
Unfortunately at the end furthest from the Sandgate Lane entrance the access path to Sandgate Park doesn’t go anywhere except to a steep gully with a stream at the bottom which also makes the new parkland difficult to get to from the Badgers Holt entrance.  People do cross the stream, they scramble up and down the muddy banks and cross it by jumping or wading across or by balancing on the various slippery logs and broken planks across it.
A proper substantial and safe crossing is obviously required and to achieve this Sandgate Conservation Society has launched a campaign to raise money to build a footbridge across the stream capable of not only providing general access but also for wheelchairs, pushchairs and prams.
The campaign is seeking a grant from West Sussex County Council’s Community Initiative Fund and the application is made through its Crowd Funding platform. Apart from raising funds the Crowd Funding process is used by the Council to gauge the level of support from the community so the more pledges for donations to the project the better. Pledges do not need to be for large amounts and just a pound or two will show community support.
The target is to raise around £2900 and the bridge will be built by volunteers with support and direction from Horsham District Council Parks and Countryside Department.
The crowdfunding page can be found at


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