Is your recycling ropey or rosy?

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Ropey or rosey

Ropey or rosy? You decide.

1. Electrical gadgets
Any gadget thrown into a rubbish bin is a potential fire risk. The only correct way to dispose of these is at a Household Waste Recycling Site, not in your kitchen bin.
2. Batteries
We’ve had real problems with these lately; as with gadgets they too are a fire risk, and are contaminating waste materials which we can otherwise recycle. Find your nearest battery recycling point here.
3. Food waste
Our figures show 12.5% of what we throw away is food that’s been cooked or is still in a packet. Finding out what you can freeze can help a great deal and make meal prep quicker when you are pushed for time. Visit for lots more info.
4. Plastic food containers
We think only 11% of these are making it into people’s recycling bins, 89% are getting thrown in the rubbish. Give them a rinse, and they can be recycled.
5. Foil
Very little foil gets recycled, even less than plastic food containers. It can be mucky of course, but usually some leftover soapy water will sort that out.

single use plastics

Single-use plastics

We are (mostly) used to taking our own bags shopping and not relying on carrier bags. But what about other single-use plastic items? The media have run stories daily since Christmas about the fight to cut back on plastic, and plastic featured heavily in the government’s 25 year Environment Plan last month. In West Sussex, we are still seeing an extraordinary amount of plastic going to waste, but we know a good chunk of it could have been avoided in the first place.

With this in mind, we are supporting Sky Ocean Rescue’s #PassOnPlastic campaign and we’d like your support too. Can you pass on any of the plastics below? We’ll be going big on this in March for Waste Week (5th-9th). Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more info.

Pass on plastic

What’s new

Littlehampton beach is to get a new-look bin which takes its inspiration from bygone majestic passenger ships, and it’s hoped will reduce seaside waste. It’s been designed by first year Uni students. (Image: Pinterest)
Read the full story here

Dates for your diary

Sun 18 Feb – Arundel Seed Swap, Arundel.
Come and see us at The Victoria Institute, Tarrant Street for this seed, plant and gardening book swapping event. Find out more on the Arundel Agenda21 blog.

Sat 24 Feb – Steyning Community Showcase, Steyning.
We are sharing a stand with the Steyning 10:10 group at the Steyning Centre, Fletchers Croft from 10-4 and together will be promoting all aspects of waste prevention and recycling. Plenty of top tips as usual.


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