Recycling drive approved by Adur & Worthing Councils

Why do we need to go to an alternate weekly collections for waste and recycling services?

Adur & Worthing Councils need to improve their recycling rates from the present 35% rate. This is to meet the European Waste Framework Directive target to recycle 50% by 2020. 76% of local authorities already operate an alternate weekly collection and it has lead to positive changes in the way that households manage their waste. All authorities report a reduction in the amount of general waste per household and an increase in the amount of
recycled waste. By making the change, Adur & Worthing expect to see recycling rates increase by between 5-7% per year.

This push to encourage people to recycle more is also in line with a real surge in community interest and involvement in  environmental issues, and it also supports the Councils’ new
Environment Framework which is working towards protecting the environment and its resources for generations to come.

When will this start?

The proposal is to switch to an alternate weekly collection of waste in September 2019.

I currently struggle with the general waste bin I have now. How will I manage with two weeks’ general waste?

On request we can send out a member of our team to carry out a free waste audit. This will involve looking at the contents of your general waste bin to see if we can offer some practical advice on how to reduce the amount of waste you need to put in it. Also, a larger bin will be available to properties where five or more people are living permanently, and also houses with medical waste which needs collecting.

What happens if I have too much recycling waste for my recycling bin?

If you find this happens regularly, you can request an additional bin which we will be happy to provide. Squashing and crushing your recyclable waste will usually give the bin more capacity.

I live in the town centre. I have nowhere to store a bin outdoors and keeping waste indoors for two weeks isn’t possible. How will this be addressed?

The proposed new service will continue to collect from some properties in town centres on a weekly basis. However, we will be encouraging residents to better manage their waste by recycling more and producing less waste.

I live in a flat. The bin cupboard is too small to take any more bins – how will we cope?

The proposed new service will continue to collect from flats on a weekly basis. However, we will be encouraging residents to better manage their waste by recycling more and producing less waste.

How will I know whether it’s a general waste or recycling week?

An online calendar detailing collection days is on the Councils’ website. If you enter your postcode you can easily find the collection date for each service. In the lead up to the change we will also be delivering to each household more information relevant to their address.

Will my collection be on the same day each week?


Will my collection day still change after a Bank holiday?

Yes, it will still change after a Bank Holiday

How will I know what I can recycle?

We will be producing a range of information to highlight what you can recycle in the lead up to the change. In the meantime all of this information can already be found on the Council’s web page by following this link:

Is there a health hazard to only collecting household rubbish on alternate weeks?

Wheelie bins are a hygienic way of collecting waste. To avoid potential problems with flies, ensure the bin lid is always closed, double-wrap waste such as cooked food and nappies and try to avoid storing your bin in direct sunlight. You may also like to occasionally rinse out the bin with disinfectant.

Why do we need to recycle?

We need to recycle because it is the right thing to do, because it sends less general waste to landfill and helps conserve our natural resources and protect and improve our natural environment.

Both Councils also need to improve their recycling rates from the present 35 % rate to meet the European Waste Framework Directive target to recycle 50% by 2020.

Why is our recycling rate low?

We accept that our recycling rates have plateaued in recent years and now is the right time to make changes to improving our rates. Switching to alternate weekly collections is one of the measures we can take to help improve our recycling performance, alongside raising public awareness of how we can all recycle more.

Will this scheme lead to an increase in fly tipping in the district?

Experience from other authorities already using alternate weekly collections suggests that fly tipping does not increase as a result of the scheme being introduced.

Are you providing a separate food waste collection service?

Not currently. The national Love Food Hate Waste campaign gives lots of useful information about minimising food waste, portion planning, and recipes for leftovers.

I have children in nappies what can I do about the extra waste and smell?

Please put all used nappies in a sealed bag such as a nappy sack before putting them in your rubbish bin. Using re-usable nappies may also be an option.

What does this mean for the team who empty my bin weekly? Will they be made redundant?

There will be a need to redesign how we deliver our bin collection service. Staff and the trade union will be involved throughout this process. It is anticipated that there will be no compulsory redundancies as a result of this change.

Why is the council cutting the service?

The Councils aren’t cutting the service, but are changing how the service is delivered.

I pay my Council Tax, am I not entitled to a weekly collection service?

There is no statutory requirement to collect household rubbish on a weekly basis. This system of alternate weekly waste collection has now been taken up by 76% of local collecting authorities in England and Wales and has helped to increase recycling for these

Will I see a reduction in council tax?

There will be no reduction in council tax as a result of this change. The savings delivered as a result of this proposed switch will be used to allow both Councils to still deliver a range of
other services that may otherwise may have been affected.


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