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Randox Health have personalised, private health packages which aim to provide people with real-time insights on current health and future health risks. With so much to enjoy in life, protecting your future health is crucial, but keeping track of your health isn’t always easy to do. Faced with time pressures across our work and social lives, it can become all too easy to let our health slide.

Using Randox Health patented technology they screen for hundreds of sensitive disease markers to identify early signs of illness in many cases before symptoms arise, empowering people to make positive lifestyle changes to prevent or delay illnesses and live healthier for longer.

David Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer said: “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic change in people’s behaviours as they seek to understand their health and well-being better. At Randox Health, we provide a range of specialised health packages that enable you to take control of your health by promoting preventative healthcare.”

Full body health checks & personal health plan

Regular review of your health is key to understanding and maintaining good health and wellbeing. Randox Health has Everyman / Everywoman 12-month health programmes which include two full health checks per year to help you track and improve your health data.

Up to 150 data points are measured during each visit linked to key health areas such as the heart, liver, kidney, thyroid, hormones, nutrition, and iron status.  A personalised health plan summarising results is provided and a consultation with a scientific expert arranged providing an opportunity to discuss key findings and next steps.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a fitness fanatic or just starting your fitness journey, the Everyathlete health programme will provide key health insights to help optimise your training and nutrition for maximum performance whilst achieving your health & fitness goals.

Over 80 data points linked to your general health as well as specific tests for hormonal, sports nutrition and muscle health are measured with repeat testing included to help you keep on track, stay motivated and monitor your health data.

Identify current issues as well as risk factors

In addition to full body health checks, a range of dedicated health checks are available for key health concerns including long covid, thyroid health, heart health, digestive health, nutritional health, AMH and PSA. Their range of genetic tests are available to identify risk of inherited conditions including cancer, cardiac conditions, lactose intolerance, coeliac disease, and hemochromatosis.

Local clinic in Chichester and 10% discount

Diagnostic testing is key to understanding physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you want to understand a specific health concern better, or learn more about your current health, Randox Health is for you. Your health matters, so take this opportunity to get a detailed picture of your current health and identify early risk factors that could impact you in the future.

With the health clinic located at 13 North Street, Chichester, it’s never been easier to take control of your health. Start your journey with Randox Health today by visiting Use code HEALTH22 for 10% off all health packages.


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